The AgTS Advantage –
Unmanned Aircraft remote sensing capability can provide First Responders a rapidly deployable tool to assess real time conditions.

Takeoff & landings in austere environments.
Useful data collection through bad WX conditions using non-visual sensors such as thermal and infrared imaging​.
Real-time streaming for real-time decision making.
AgTS Mobile Operations Center (MOC) can provide a central location to host communications and real-time data analysis.

Tethered & Untethered Solutions --​

Used to provide persistent monitoring while addressing any safety concerns.​

The cost for deployment can be a fraction of direct personnel monitoring, or persistent manned aircraft use.​

AgTS teamed with Hoverfly Technologies LiveSky™ to provide customers a larger, more capable platform to carry large sensors (e.g. EO/IR and Thermal). Power is provided via the tether for longer term monitoring needs such as security.​ ​

Daisy chaining resources to expand coverage is also a possibility!​

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