AgTS Values Its Citizen Soldiers - Estevan Franco

  News/AgTS Values Its Citizen Soldiers - Estevan Franco


We at ArgenTech Solutions are of all our employees who serve in the Military Reserve and Guard. We recognize that the Military Reserve and Guard are essential to our Nation’s strength and freedom.

Estevan Franco is a Naval Aircrewman, Chief Petty Officer for the Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) in Houston, TX. He is also a Senior Enlisted Leader for Japan Unit in support of humanitarian relief missions for Atsugi, Yokosuka, and surrounding areas and is cross assigned to Tactical Operational Center-Jacksonville, FL as a mission analyst for P-3/P-8 Aircraft.

ArgenTech Solutions, Inc. is a Veteran owned, small business headquartered in Newmarket, New Hampshire with an alternate office in Vancouver, Washington. In addition to overseas unmanned services support for the military, ArgenTech Solutions is a multi-faceted small business that specializes in technology development and the integration of those products into the marketplace. ArgenTech Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer.