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How We create Solutions:

We are NOT an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). OEM’s will try to fit their UAS into your mission. Since we are not an OEM we can source the BEST UAS for YOUR mission.

Our focus is on SERVICE NOT SALES.

When you rent a vehicle at the airport, do you rent from Ford, Chevy or BMW? Of course not, you rent from a Service Provider because they are focused on providing a service and you get to pick what kind of car to rent based on your needs and budget.


Our UAS Operators have over 60,000 hours as Pilot in Command of UAV’s in every class of UAV’s currently flown. We operate in austere and combat environments. We have deployed personnel for 32,000 days over the past several years.


Small enough to be responsive to your needs but large enough to be able to execute. We are not a large OEM that does Fee For Service ISR as a means to sell more systems. Because we are a focused small business, we can rapidly respond to changing customer demands and operational environments.

International Footprint

Offices and current operations in NH, WA, AK, Colombia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Europe.


DCMA, DCAA audited accounting system eligible for cost reimbursable contracts.

Export Registration:

DDTC registered. Registration includes broker activities.