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The ArgenTech approach provides our customers the most cost effective, comprehensive solution to meet their specific needs. Since 2011, we have provided over 60,000 days of frontline field services to the US Department of Defense. Leveraging this experience, ArgenTech Solutions provides our commercial customers state of the art Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) based imaging and analytics. AgTS has diverse experiences supporting emergency response, agriculture, survey, mapping, and infrastructure inspection operations. AgTS is a highly sought-after consultant for large and small companies incorporating UAS for the first time.

ArgenTech Solutions is adept at creating partnerships with industry, military, facilities and academia. This approach provides access to personnel, facilities and technical expertise that one entity alone might not be able to provide while creating unique, world class solutions.

What We Do


Mapping Services

UAS have emerged as an effective technology tool for engineers and surveyors to improve the collection and evaluation of data. AgTS uses a variety of platforms, sensors and software solutions to gather the essential data you need safely and efficiently; on time and on budget. Our services include;

  • LiDAR
  • Photogrammetry
  • Infrared / Thermal Mapping
  • Multispectral Mapping
  • Hi-Resolutions Photo and Video

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Wildfire & Emergency Response

Our experienced UAS teams and equipment specialize in providing safe, efficient GIS and situational awareness services to Incident Command on state or federally administered wildland fire and emergency response efforts. The integration of our UAS, along with the training and equipment are fully approved and vetted by Department of Interior Administrators. Live streaming video and accurate, real time POI and perimeter mapping enhance the safety and effectiveness of any disaster response.

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UAS Corporate Development

The UAS experts at AgTS are held to the highest safety and performance standards for unmanned aviation. These standards along with industry experience make all the difference in consultancy and training programs. Our highly sought-after consultants and instructors have experiences across public, private and defense sectors.

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